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Roadtrip Essentials: Michele Kief's Reminder to Check Your Vehicle

May 20, 2023

Michele Kief
Michele Kief, a seasoned professional in the financial services industry, is dedicated to helping people save money. Drawing from her extensive experience across various sectors, Kief takes pleasure in sharing valuable tips for cutting costs. As a blogger and avid traveler, she particularly enjoys providing insights on embarking on budget-friendly journeys, including road trips with limited resources. Among her suggestions, Kief emphasizes the importance of optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the vehicle used for each road trip.

Kief advises that prior to setting off, it is crucial to ensure that the vehicle is fully serviced and in optimal condition. This includes using the appropriate oil to maximize mileage and maintaining the correct tire pressure. Moreover, she recommends driving at a slower pace to make the most of the car's fuel efficiency. Lightening the load by packing lighter is also beneficial, as heavier cars consume more fuel. Lastly, Kief points out that packing luggage within the vehicle is preferable to placing it on top, as rooftop luggage can weigh down the car and significantly reduce its efficiency, resulting in increased costs.

By adhering to these suggestions, roadtrippers can enhance their vehicle's performance, minimize fuel consumption, and ultimately enjoy a more cost-effective and enjoyable journey.